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Desktop Orbiter 9.0

Mach’s number actually describes the speed of sound through any fluid (that is, liquid or gas). In Mac OS, right-click on the X-Plane.App icon and select Make Alias. You’ll need a good set of charts if you’d like to actually fly in X‑Plane using any of these methods, but the software does contain a full set of (mostly) current charts as well.

Mid-Air Refueling

These types of airfoils serve as a good introduction because they are so different from one another. X-Plane can simulate orbital and sub-orbital flight using the Space Shuttle and other spacecraft.

Data Input and Output from X-Plane

To turn on the thermals, open the Weather dialog box from the Environment menu. They checked for Monomethylhydrazine (N2H4 for Charlie Hudson) and nitrogen tetroxide (N2O4). X-Plane, of course, needs a decent graphics card in the computer you wish to run it on.

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In the dialog box that appears, you can set: the frame rate of the movie (measured in frames per second) the resolution of the movie (width only; height will be calculated automatically from the width), and the time multiplier, indicating how many frames to skip when doing a time lapse video. Other possible words are: patch, license, regfile, keyile. Pressing the space bar will release the line between the aircraft, allowing you to soar freely. Airfoil Maker Supplement Let’s talk about the Airfoil Maker application, found in the X‑Plane installation directory. Additionally, only when using rudder pedals, press the left pedal down with your toes.

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Correspondingly, on the computer used as an IOS, check the box labeled IP of master machine (this is instructor console) and pick the student’s computer from the drop down menu. Here, you can use the sliders to set the aircraft’s center of gravity, the weight of its payload, and the amount of fuel in its tanks.

Setting Up a Flight

The center on acft button centers the map view on the aircraft. Just like in the Quick Flight Setup window, you can search for an airport either by name or by ICAO identifier.

Flying in Formations

Releasing the glider’s brakes (using the b key by default) commands the towplane to take off, dragging your glider with it. NAV: Short for “navigate.€ This is an autopilot mode that follows an ILS, localizer, VOR, or GPS path. The controls on left side adjust the VOR, localizer and communication frequencies, while the ones on the right control GPS functions. For example, the folder location might be ‘X-Plane 10/Aircraft/Boeing 747/’ on the pilot’s computer and ‘X-Plane 10/Aircraft/Boeing 747_copilot/’ on the copilot’s computer.

Designing an Airfoil

As we started to actually climb, at only 100 feet per minute, I smelled something that reminded me of touring the Heineken Brewery in Europe… I said “Is that a skunk I smell?€ and the veterans of shuttle carrying looked at me and smiled and said “Tires!€ I said “Tires?! Alternatively, assign a key or joystick button to turn it off in the Joystick & Equipment dialog box of X-Plane. Problems occur, though, when you have very light aircraft with very large wings going very fast, or sitting on the ground with landing gear spread very far out from the center of gravity.

Water World, or “Help, there’s water everywhere!”

Your product key should be cached on your computer and X‑Plane may never ask for it again, but enter your digital download product key if necessary and proceed just like in step 6 above. To launch X‑Plane for the first time: Make sure your USB joystick is plugged in. Stall Minimum and Maximum Angle of Attack Figure 10.9: Specifications for an airfoil’s AoA at stall The final two fields seen in Figure 10.9 specify the minimum and maximum angles of attack at which the airfoil stalls and loses lift, respectively. An instrument rating only requires 125 hours total flight time—although it would certainly not be wise for a 130- or 140-hour pilot to attempt an instrument approach in a 200 ft overcast with ½ mile visibility or to take off on a foggy day. Note: X‑Plane can only interface with USB devices.